IT and Me: “Hakuna Matata”


IT plays an important role in today’s society.  It is responsible for the growth of each company.  It is also responsible for uplifting the lives of every individual.

As a manager of the bank, IT has helped me in many ways.  The availability of information and the ease in access to that information has helped me to make sound decisions.  With IT, I have an easy time accessing information from one branch to another and sharing information with other branches as well.  I also have an easier time making and sending my reports.  IT has also helped me and the bank market our products effortlessly and widens our marketing range.  IT has also made the job of each employee of the bank easier which translates to less supervision on my part and increased productivity for the employees.  IT has also paved the way for the bank to create products which would give better services to our clients such as online banking facilities, bills payment facilities, and payroll facilities to name a few.


IT also has great impact in my personal life.  IT has helped me monitor my finances and expenses.  The Electronic Statement of Account (ESOA) facility of companies is a great help in reminding me of my monthly bills.  The online banking facility of banks helps me to monitor my savings and investments any time of the day.  It has also helped me to settle my bills online without the hassle of going to the payment centers.  It has also helped me to make the right decisions in terms of investing my  money.


Planning the vacation of my family has become easier with the online bookings of flights and hotels.  IT has also helped me to stay connected with my loved ones abroad and in other parts of the country.    When it comes to my studies, IT has helped me in my research works and getting connected with my classmates and teachers.    Group studies and group reports are made easier with the use of group chats and  other IT tools.  Most of all, IT keeps me informed of the current events in our country and around the world.

Overall, IT has already become a partner in my day-to-day activities.  It has positively changed my life.  I could not imagine now living my life without the use of IT.




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