The Perks of My Virtual Super Mall



Online shopping has redefined what shopping means.  In the past, when you say shopping, it meant going to the malls to shop. Today shopping can be viewed as having an internet connection, a laptop, computer, ipad or iphone, and a comfortable place to sit while satisfying your shopping cravings.

I personally have tried to splurge in this latest shopping craze. From the purchase of bags, shoes, clothes, gadgets and watches just to name a few.  I was able to get those things at a cheaper price online compared to buying it in the malls.  Online sellers usually offer cheaper prices because they have lesser overhead costs as compared to shops in the malls.   My purchases were delivered to me at my doorstep, which is a cool thing.  Most of the online sellers deliver the goods that you order directly to your given address.  But most of all the reason why I continue shopping online is the convenience that it gives me. It takes away the hassle of battling the city traffic just to go to the malls to shop.  It also saves me time in trying to find the things that I need.


However it also has its drawbacks.  Some online sellers don’t accept replacement of their products.  It means that when you purchase for a shoe you must be able to know your exact size or else you don’t have a chance to return it if it doesn’t fit.  Some online sellers are hoaxes.  They sell you products that are imitations and make you believe that they are genuine.  It is better to check if the online seller is legitimate before placing your orders with them.  Some online sellers are illegitimate.  They just get your money and run away with it.  It is best to check if the online seller is illicit, or you could ask your friends if these sellers are true to the delivery of their products.  Checking reviews of the online sellers and their products is another way to ensure that you do not get ripped-off.

Another issue that online shopping poses is the long wait for the delivery of products.  Sometimes it would take them weeks to deliver the products that you purchase, unlike in malls where you pay for the products and immediately bring them home.


The three things that I would not hesitate buying online are airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, and online Apps that I use for gaming or work.  These things are much cheaper and more accessible when bought online.

Probably the top three products that I would not consider buying online are expensive jewelleries, expensive gadgets, and expensive appliances.  Aside from the price consideration, I have a fear of losing much money in case these products are not delivered.  I also fear that the products sold might be couterfeits.  Due to its high value, another fear I have is losing my ordered products in transit and not being able to get a refund for it.

At the end of the day the shopping decisions are still at the fingertips of the buyers.  It is up to them to discern wisely if they are doing the shopping the old-fashioned way or doing it “Hi-Tech” style.



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